Project summary

Fostering the development of competencies in Media and Information Literacy (MIL) and critical thinking, is key to support citizens to actively and positively engage in our democratic society. 

The ALiVE project aims to provide an innovative learning opportunity that addresses the need to improve the social and lifelong learning skills of adults over 45. Specifically, to provide them with the tools and knowledge they lack to consciously consume media and information, to engage in today’s online media world, and to avoid misinformation and disinformation. This is especially relevant today, as the world is witnessing an unprecedented increase of polarization, hate speech and extremism, challenging human rights and disrupting solidarity and inclusivity of all groups of people. Thus, the focus of the ALiVE project is put in supporting seniors to gain the so called “21st century skills” and to became truly informed digital citizens that have the knowledge and digital skills to become active participants in society.

ALiVE will engage seniors in the development of a Methodological Framework of competencies in MIL, to later develop a curriculum and interactive learning materials that will focus on the competencies that they need. The content will be available in the Learning Stations in the metaverse, that will be piloted with seniors and accessible to any citizen. The Learning Stations will be hosted in a 3D virtual space, to provide an immersive learning experience, the start of a growing virtual community of learners.


Work Packages

Target groups

Direct target groups that will participate in the project implementation

  • Adults over 45 years old from 6 different EU countries: Ireland, Spain, Austria, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus. (40 per partner/ min. 240 will be assess in their level of MIL)
  • AL Educators from 6 different EU countries: Ireland, Spain, Austria, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus. (10 per partner/ min. 60 will be assess in their level of MIL)
  • Groups of citizens from 5 different EU countries over the age of 45 years old who lack competencies in media and information literacy (min. 15 participants/training partner, min. 75 participants in total).
  • Teachers, researchers, programmers, and other staff from the participant organizations.

Indirect target groups with interest in exploiting the ALiVE project’s outputs and outcomes

  • Providers and institutions of adult education
  • Other providers and institutions of education (VET, HEI, etc)
  • Teachers in adult education centers
  • Decision and policy makers
  • Researchers and academics in assessment of state and readiness in media and information literacy of countries and citizens.
  • ADU students who are not directly involved in the project and who want to learn about media and information literacy.
  • NGOs fostering media and information literacy, human rights, and civic participation, through non-formal actions andcourses.
  • Public in general.

Stakeholders of the ALiVE project interested in disseminating the project outcomes and outputs

  • Public authorities with competences or interests in the field of citizen participation, awareness-raising of media and information literacy, freedom of press and expression, deliberative democracy, etc.,
  • Public authorities with competences in the field of education.
  • Research institutions in the field of social innovation, and civic participation.