ALiVE Co-creation Hackathon Empowers Adults in the Digital Era

Hosted by CSI- Center for Social Innovation, ALiVE Co-Creation Hackathon gathered 12 experts from partner organizations in Nicosia, Cyprus, from July 12th to 14th. During this 3-day event, they delved into the digital landscape to brainstorm and prototype ingenious solutions for empowering adults over 45 in today’s digital world.

The primary objective of this three-day event was to assess the requirements for developing the ALiVE Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and establish the key characteristics and features of the Learning Stations. The ultimate aim is to create a virtual space that fosters seamless learning and sharing experiences.

Excitingly, a comprehensive Summary Report is in progress, summarizing the event’s methodology, outcomes, conclusions, and any additional resources utilized. This valuable report will serve as the blueprint for bringing the Virtual Learning Environment and Learning Stations to life.

Throughout the Hackathon, participants actively engaged in dynamic sessions that covered various aspects of the VLE & Learning Stations. The sessions focused on the Goals & Outcomes, Environment, Onboarding, Design, Evaluation, Support & Meta, and there were 4 Strategic Checkpoints in which participants looked back on the results and decisions made, providing an opportunity for reflection and ensuring a well-informed path forward. Each step was guided by an appointed facilitator that use different techniques and work dynamics to co-create the initial mapping of the ALiVE Virtual Learning Environment.

The style of working was cooperation, as participants from different profiles and backgrounds that are relevant to the goal of the event joined to discuss, explore, exchange ideas and troubleshoot either in plenary sessions or small working groups.

The outcomes of the hackathon have laid a strong foundation for developing a Virtual Learning Environment and Learning Stations in the metaverse. These innovative tools will equip adults with essential Media and Information

Literacy (MIL) competencies in digital settings.

The journey to revolutionize adult learning has just begun, and ALiVE Co-Creation Hackathon sets the stage for transformative advancements. Stay tuned for more updates as we move towards a brighter, digitally empowered future. Together, we’re shaping a world of lifelong learning possibilities!